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What? is a place where anyone can share game development tips and learn from other people's tips.


There are lots of nice game developers out there that share their wisdom with fellow game developers. Twitter is a place where you can find many of these people and wisdom.

But sometimes 140 characters aren't enough to write something meaningful (so people split wisdom in various tweets), not to mention that tweets can easily get lost in your timeline. Some ways to avoid that are to write down the tweets, save the tweet links or simply take screenshots. But even if you do those things, it doesn't feel quite right.

Then there are blogs and gamedev sites that have tons of superb content. That's great, but sometimes you get overwhelmed by all that. That article got your attention but it's 4 pages long and, oh man, I already have many things to do so I'll just save it to read later. But you never do.

And so you might start to think that there isn't a place where you can just go and read some nice and succinct gamedev tips.

Because of things like that, was born and hopefully we will reach our goal of creating this place that doesn't seem to exist.

(Side note: while further developing the idea, we thought about omikuji and fortune cookies. Perhaps the site might turn into our game development fortune cookie dispenser :-)).

512 character limit?

We think that 140 characters is too limiting but we also don't want people to write long blog posts, so we set the 512 character limit based on the idea that people would try to get to the core of their gamedev tips when presented with that kind of restriction (which wouldn't be so restrictive as 140 characters).

Why do I have to login using my Twitter account?

If you want to post your own gamedev tips (and edit afterwards), like, dislike or report other gamedev tips, you need to login using your Twitter account.

We have to have a way to know if people already liked, disliked, and/or reported a gamedev tip and we also need to know who posted a gamedev tip so its author can edit it later if needed.

If we didn't have a login system, it would be a complete mess. Internet trolls would edit gamedev tips (or there would be no edit feature) and vote and report like, well, trolls.

We chose "Sign in with Twitter" because we think most people accessing would have a Twitter account that is used daily (or almost daily) and because it's a very simple 2-click process.

What do you do with my Twitter account data?

Even though Twitter says that our application will be able to "read tweets from your timeline, see who you follow, and follow new people, update your profile and posts tweets for you", we don't do any of that.

We only use Twitter's "Sign in with Twitter" feature to know if you are the author of some gamedev tip (so you can edit it if you want to) and to check if you liked, disliked, or reported other gamedev tips.

As mentioned before, we must know those things to have a better control of our site (and not turn it into a big mess).

I can't login using my Twitter account, I keep getting error messages.

Please make sure you authorized our application to access your Twitter account. Another possible reason for not being able to login using your Twitter account is when your account is suspended/blocked in due to violation of our rules.

If you keep getting error messages, please contact us via and describe your problem.

Can I login using another service such as Facebook or Google?

Unfortunately, no. At least not right now.

Do I really need to login?

Not really. If you don't login, you will be in "read mode", which means you will be able to read all gamedev tips posted on the site. You only need to login if you want to be in "write/interact mode", which gives you the ability to post your own gamedev tips and to like, dislike and/or report other gamedev tips.

Once I'm logged in, how can I logout?

Click on your avatar (top right) and click "Logout" in the box that opens.

How do I write my own gamedev tip?

Click on the plus (+) sign at the top bar to go to the "Add gamedev tip" page. Please login using your Twitter account if you are not logged in already.

In the "Add gamedev tip" page, you will notice that only your gamedev tip is required. All other fields are optional but we encourage you to fill them as well.

When you are all set, solve the captcha system and hit the "Add gamedev tip" button.

Oh yeah, please read our rules to check if your gamedev tip is in accordance with them.

How do I edit my own gamedev tip?

First of all, login with your Twitter account. Once you are logged in, you will see a small link "(edit your gamedev tip)" right after each of your gamedev tips.

Click on this link to go to the "Edit gamedev tip" page, which works similar to the "Add gamedev tip" page: change what you want to change, solve the captcha system and hit the "Update gamedev tip" button.

Hey! My gamedev tip is gone!

When a gamedev tip is reported, we check the report and decide if the gamedev tip is really breaking our rules. If positive, we flag it as invalid and it won't show up on the website.

In case a gamedev tip is reported seven times, our system will automatically flag it as invalid (probably because people think it is breaking our rules).

If you think this is an error, please contact us via

Did I break the site? It looks broken.

In the unfortunate event that you find a bug, please contact us via Thank you!

Features that are in our TODO list.

Here is a list of features that we are planning to implement sometime in the future. Please note that we can change our minds and add or remove features.

Last update: 2015.08.21

  • Gamedev tip card (including image support)
  • Mark as duplicate
  • Add your public notes about a gamedev tip
  • Google+ and other social networks
  • Share via e-mail
  • 'Tips of the week' via e-mail

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